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“When the heart chakra opens, Love pours in –bringing flames
of transformation. When it comes time to face
all the heartache from this life and past lives, we sacrifice ourselves
in flames of love as we experience this pain. We die to our previous way
of being in order to rise to a higher level of consciousness.” ​​​​​​​- Chuck 

I work with astrology by interpreting energies. “Imagine ourselves as unified energy fields…Divination was an ancient technique for entering timelessness and other dimensions…The horoscope is the ultimate divination tool because it uses past, present, and future simultaneously to see how a consciousness is functioning.”

​In my study of astrology I have focused on the Lunar nodes, Chiron the wounded self-healer, and the Venus Star Point.

The Venus Star Point is copy righted by Arielle Guttman through:

Sophia Venus Productions

P.O. Box 28425

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87592


Her Book:

Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology For The Twenty – First Century, by Arielle Guttman. Published by Sophia Venus Productions. Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2010.

​The Lunar Nodes are actually North South axis points involved in the Moon Sun phase relationship along with the Earth’s path. The nodes are points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the Ecliptic ( the path of the Earth around the Sun). The modern study of Lunar Nodes can include karmic and spiritual guidance.

Chiron has been considered a minor planet or planetoid (diameter between 100-400 mi.) noticed sighting on November 1, 1977 10:00 pm PST Pasedena, Ca. Chiron’s eccentric orbit factor = 0.3786. It’s inclination to the ecliptic = 6°55’ . Chiron’s orbital period is approximately 50 years. Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus usually.

​The mythology of Chiron characterizes him as a wounded healer. He was known as a great teacher of “the arts of music, astrology, surgery, herbal medicine, hunting, riding, combat”, and ethics.

​“A time of healing is often initiated by transits of Chiron, when we are called to bear witness in compassion to our own suffering, or that of others.   We cannot do this if we struggle to improve ourselves and live up to high ideals without also addressing our pain. The ‘goal’ of healing is not about being pain-free and ever comfortable. It is nothing less than reorientating ourselves to the journey of awakening.”

​When Chiron was sighted it was at 3°Taurus, an earth sign. “Since we live on Earth where we experience the solar magnetic field, we can attune to this solar mind by means of being totally in the moment at any given point in our lives…We are contemplating potential ecocide, and it is very powerful for our encrusted egos to see what we have been doing to our planet.” Chiron can “outline a process whereby we learn to understand the ways of the Earth, Chiron in Taurus…The word ‘ecology’ comes from the Greek oikos, meaning ‘house or home’, in this case the Earth.”

​“Chiron sighting also signals the end of the patriarchy…More vision towards a new ecology is available in the pre-Greek Aegean legends than in the Judeo-Christian sources because the pre-Greek sources are pre-patriarchal.”

​“Chiron can teach us how to be totally in present space and time…Chiron was considered one of the greatest astrologers in ancient mythology, and this planetary sighting heralds the return of astrology as a great science.”

The Venus Star Point in an individual’s chart is the conjunction of the Sun and Venus that happens prenatally. This can be viewed as a phase relationship between the Sun and Venus. Note Venus is not a star, but the Sun is. The times between the Sun and Venus conjunctions are approximately 9 months and 2 weeks, a 584 day cycle. 40 of these days Venus is retrograde. As one follows the subsequent Venus Star Points a 5-pointed star is drawn in the sky. Many beautiful patterns continue to develop. Venus’s orbit has an eccentricity factor of 0.0068.

“The Venus Star Point …reflects the concept of Eros… The Venus Star Point represents the manner  in which we reach inside of ourselves to reflect the love, beauty, and heart-felt self-expression we innately possess and share with others.”

Card 32       Love    Transmute

This artwork by Hilma af Klint

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