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Greta Thunberg, Mozart, and Climate Change

This is a story about weaving Music, Astrology, and Climate Change together. Synchronicity, from events, connections to Synastry in Astrological charts is a theme throughout. THE SHAMANIC WAY

During a Master Class hosted by Clarion Society, a Mezzo Soprano by the name Yonah Daniella Gershator shared a beautiful song by Mozart, “Abendempfindung an Laura” in May of 2014. The Master Teacher was Rufus Mueller. Yonah generously shared the source material for the song.

Years later I performed this song at a cabaret.

On May 7, 2019, in Access Astrology Class we studied the Natal Chart of Greta Thunberg born January 3, 2003. Astrology is an Art/Science that reads energies of a person and/or event using planets, luminaries, degrees, signs, houses, aspects, and other environment. Greta had been in the news recently. Greta was to speak before the European Parliament. Referring to the fire at Notre Dame in her speech, Greta called for “cathedral thinking” to tackle climate change. …” we may not know all the details to shape the ceiling.”

In the class it was noted that Greta’s Mercury (the way the native thinks and speaks) in the sign Capricorn and Saturn (the restrictions, rules, and boundaries set) in Gemini are in mutual reception. In astrology specific planets rule and co-rule specific Signs. Mercury rules Gemini and Saturn rules Capricorn. Mercury and Saturn will be further linked in the analysis of Greta’s Natal chart. Her Moon (emotions) is Out of Bounds, in other words not held in by solar energy. Her Uranus Pallas conjunction in the Sign of Aquarius is strategic.

While studying the song “Abendempfindung” my vocal teacher, Richard Lippold suggests researching performances of the song. I first found Melena Ernman’s recording on My Love, 2003

I liked her performance the best. As Astrologers will do, I researched her for birth data. She was born November 20, 1970. She is a Swedish Opera star who crossed over to pop. She is an excellent jazz vocalist being born in a town that produces great jazz vocalists. I researched further and saw she was married in 2004 to Thunberg and had a child by the name of Greta.

Putting it together I heard Greta Thunberg was coming to NYC for UN Climate Control discussions in September 2019. She left the UK with her father, Svante Thunberg, and a filmmaker. They arrived in NY on a 60’ yacht without carbon dioxide emissions and with black sails printed with UNITE BEHIND THE SCIENCE

An analysis of Greta’s natal chart

Greta has Chiron 11° (wounded healer) conjunct her Sun at 12°40’ (vitality), her Moon 20°55’ (security needs), Mercury 28°24 (the way a person speaks and thinks) and MC or midheaven 27°20’ (how the world perceives you) all in the sign Capricorn. Capricorn is responsible, ambitious, organized, managerial, reserved, dutiful, cautious, somber, and status seeking.


Greta Thunberg Chart

Mercury is one of the most significant planets in Greta’s chart. Mercury stationed retrograde the day before she was born. This is an indicator that speaking, writing, or communicating in some form will be an important part of her life. Mercury is the chart ruler. The ascendant is at 15°19’ Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury rules her North Node in Gemini. Mercury is in mutual reception with Saturn. Mercury is the chart’s principal planet since it makes the closest aspect to the Midheaven. It will have the most influence on her success. Mercury conjunct her Midheaven indicates an intellect who does not get bored with learning. She has the ability to bypass high school and college and go right to a career lecturing. Mercury is conjunct her Moon. Greta’s thoughts and speech are strongly linked with her emotions. She is able to sense other people’s thoughts.

At age 11 (Chiron 11°Capricorn) Greta stopped speaking and eating. The Sabian Symbol for 11°Capricorn is A student of nature lecturing. With Sun conjunct Chiron the native’s sense of destiny is so strong that normal patterns are rarely lived out. It reveals a strong fusion of will and the quest. Within numerology the 11 is a master number of leadership, conceiving profound ideas that have never been thought of before that can inspire and make an impact on others. Eleven indicates a pioneer. Chiron has to do with ecology. It comes from the Greek oikos meaning house or home. We hear Greta saying, “Our house is on fire.” Greta’s Chiron at 11°Capricorn is sextile her Juno at 10°58’ Scorpio. Juno is associated with the atmosphere: weather, climate, meteorology, storms, quality of environment, clean and pure air. She had heard of the Climate Crisis when she was 8 years old in school. Greta’s nodes are at 8°Gemini/Sagittarius.

Climate Strike Transits – September 20, 2019

Pluto in transit at 20°40’ Capricorn was conjunct Greta’s natal Moon at 20°55’ Capricorn during the Climate strike. There were powerful emotional changes in her life at that time. Feelings were raw.

This Pluto transit was the preparation for a new stage of development.

Jupiter in transit at 16°52’ Sagittarius trine Greta’s natal Jupiter at 16°39’ Leo is a time of optimism and being a fire sign inspiration. It is good for travel and raising consciousness for the climate.


Climate Strike Event Chart

Mars transit at 21°19’ Virgo is sextile Greta’s natal Mars at 21°10’ Scorpio. It is energetic and vigorous. This energy needs an outlet with a group campaign. Mars transit provides the drive that a Jupiter transit alone may not. She has the self-confidence to influence others.

The Sun at 27°23’ Virgo was trine Greta’s natal MC at 27°10’ Capricorn. During this transit Greta is more strong-willed than usual. She is capable of expressing her will and pursuing her own objectives. In her Climate Strike speech she said, “We have some bad news for you . This is only the beginning. Change is coming whether they like it or not.”

USA’S Pluto Return

When a planet, luminary, or point completes its’ passage 360°around the zodiac, this is called its’ return. A return signifies the ending and a beginning of a new cycle. Within mundane astrology a country, or any organization can have a natal chart. The chosen time for USA’s natal birth chart is: July 4, 1776 time, 5:13:55 pm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This time is from the source: The Astrology of America’s Destiny : A Birth Chart for The United States of America , by Dane Rudhyar. This calculates Pluto for the USA as Pluto 27°32’ Capricorn. I am using the Whole Sign House System.

Since the approximate time for Pluto to complete its cycle is 250 years, the dates for Pluto’s 3 returns are as follows
February 20, 2022
July 12, 2022
December 28, 2022

Because of the retrograde of outer planets like Pluto, There are 3 dates for Pluto’s return.

Pluto represents transformation and death. Capricorn represents large organizations like big government, large corporations, organized crime, and institutions (hospitals, schools, churches, jails).

Greta Thunberg’s MC is conjunct the USA’s Pluto. MC is an abbreviation for Medium Coeli (Latin for “middle of the heavens”). The Midheaven represents ambition, ideals, and public image. Planets at or near the Midheaven indicate that the native is likely to make a mark on the outside world. Greta’s MC is in her 8th house in the Whole Sign House System. Her renown will involve speaking on the consequences of death. Speaking at the European Union she said, ”Erosion of fertile topsoil, deforestation of the rainforest, toxic air pollution, loss of insects and wildlife, acidification of our oceans – these are all disastrous trends.

USA’s Pluto return as a transit will affect the entire world. It will affect Gret’s life direction. Keep in mind the means are as important as the success.

Greta’s overall persona is a combination of youth (Gemini - Mercury) and authority (Capricorn). She makes statements like:


The difference from between

What – between what you know

And what you say

And what you do

And how you act

Is Cognitive Dissonance

I walk the walk

Our Mother is on Fire.

No longer save the world by playing by the rules.

Malena Ernman, Greta’s Mother has Vesta, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, MC, Venus, and Neptune all in Scorpio (a stellium). She shares a Capricorn Moon with Greta. That is an intensity of emotions that can be kept under control.


Malena Ernman Chart

Melana’s gift of Love to her daughter is that her North Node at 29°Aquarius is conjunct Greta’s Uranus 26°Aquarius. As the mother she encourages Greta’s alignment with her own inner being. She supports her in reforming society. She inspires her to be true to the self within.

One method used in Astrology is that of Sabian Symbols. One day in 1925 Elsie Wheeler, a psychic was taken to a park in San Diego, California and asked to paint a mental picture for each of 360°in the Zodiac.

Malena’s Vesta at 7°49’ Scorpio (an Energy of intense Devotion) is conjunct Greta’s Venus Star point of 7°53’ Scorpio in the 5th house. Venus Star point to Vesta indicates a desire for inner focus and strength, for devotion and sacrifice.

The Sabian symbol is: The moon shining across a lake.

The song “Abendempfindung an Laura” starts with: Abend ist’s die Sonne ist verschwunden, and der Mond strahlt Silber glanz.

v.1. It is evening, the sun has disappeared, and the moon shines, silver.

Greta has Uranus at 25°22’ Aquarius conjunct Melena’s Pallas Athena at 26°19’ Aquarius along with her own Pallas/Athena at 25°51’ Aquarius. The Sabian symbol is: An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.

This image sets something fragile of the living against something very old and enduring.

Verse 5 of “Abendempfindung an Laura”: Schenk auch du ein Tran-chen mir und pflucke mir ein veil-chen auf mein Grab.

v. 5 Shed for me a tear, you also, and pluck for me a violet from my grave.


Translation: “Abendempfindung an Laura”

1. It is evening, the sun has disappeared,
and the moon shines, silver;
so fleet away life’s fairest hours,
they fly past as in a dance.

2. Soon life’s motley scene is over,
and the curtain falls.
our play has ended! Our friend’s tears
flow already on your grave.
3. Soon, perhaps, is borne towards me,
like the gentle west wind, a still foreboding –
I will end this life’s pilgrimage,
and fly to the land of rest.

If you will weep then by my grave,
and mourn my ashes,
then, o friends, I will appear to you,
bringing a breath of heaven.

Shed for me a tear, you also,
and pluck for me a violet from my grave;
and let your tender eye
look gently down on me.

Dedicate a tear to me, and oh!
Do not be ashamed to do so.
In my diadem it will become
the fairest pearl.

Mozart Samtliche Lieder fur mittlere Stimme 22. Abendempfindung an Laura, K. 523 Translation pp. 73 - 74,

Translation Poem by Joachim Campe (1746-1818) German (Deutsch)


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